Short Intervals on a treadmill – 15x(2’fast/1’slow)

Still travelling.  Stuck in the hotel fitness center.

Today was short interval day. I experimented with doing them on the treadmill. The machine had a setting that enabled you to toggle between 2 speeds with button on the touch screen. I set it up on a 5 degree incline, with the slow at 4mph and the fast at 7 mph. Then I manually timed 2 minute intervals and 1 minute rests.

The plot shows a false start, where I tried to do 8mph as the fast, but it was too much for me, so I reset the machine. Then once I got going, for no reason at all, the treadmill crashed and rebooted after 7 intervals. That is the longer rest between the 7th and 8th interval. I reset for another 24 minutes (8 intervals). By the end I was really feeling the effects.

It was a pretty intense workout. The rests were quite short. But, then again, so were the intervals.

Tomorrow: During the day, I am heading by car up to Stuttgart, having some meetings there, and then flying in the evening to Milan. I’m not sure what facilities the hotel will have. In any case, it will be some kind of recovery session.


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