Tues PM: 3×20’/1’r with Lactate

Last week, I was on vacation.  I did a little cross training the first 3 days (Tues, Wed, Thur).  Essentially a 5km barefott run on the beach, then about 1.5km of swimming, both at a relatively leisurely pace.  Then I managed to catch a stomach bug and I was out of action from last Thursday until yesterday.

Yesterday morning, I was planning on an AM workout, but woke up with a headache and decided to try to get rid of it with a bit more sleep.  By the late afternoon, I was much improved, so I decided to dip my toe back in with a gentle steady state session.

Tuesday PM: 3×20’/1′ r on slides

I am going to try to do a lactate test after the first 20′ of my steady state sessions to try to build a reasonable database and get a better understanding of the appropriate training intensity.  Since all of my recent lactate tests have been on a static erg, and I had the 8 day break, I was pretty clueless about the right initial power to use.  I was going to target 180, but it felt so easy that I changed on the fly to 185, and when I got to the 15 minute mark, I was averaging 186W.  I decided that cutting back enough to bring the average down to 185 over the last 5 minutes might lead to erroneously low reading, so I just stuck with 186.  Lactate reading 2.3…Too high.  but not far off.  Interestingly, my HR was very low.  The lowest I have recorded for any of my recent lactate tests.  Again showing the very weak correlation between HR and Lactate levels.I rowed the rest of the session at 183 and my HR stayed remarkably low.


2/24/2015 3×20’/1’r on slides
Time meters SPM watts pace Strokes DPS Lac
0:20:00.0 4860 20 186.0 02:03.5 400 12.15 2.3
0:20:00.0 4834 20 183.0 02:04.1 400 12.09
0:20:00.0 4834 20 183.0 02:04.1 400 12.09
1:00:00.0 14528 20.0 184.0 02:03.9 1200 12.11

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