Fun in the desert. 4×20’/1’r at Scorpion Crossfit

In Phoenix.  There was a great Crossfit box less than half a mile from my hotel.  They let me use an erg and didn’t even charge me a guest fee.  They were also very nice, just like every other crossfit that I’ve visited.

I just wanted to munch some meters today.  I intended to row at 186W, but the atmosphere got to me and I ended up pushing harder and running a higher heart rate than I should have.  My HR monitor started acting stupid after 40 minutes, but even before that I was pushing up into the low 150s.  After 60 minutes, I had to make a decision to either slow it way down or have a little fun.  I decided on fun in the form of a 20 minute L4 with these powers

r18 – 180

r20 – 200

r22 -220

And I rowed 22/20/18/22/20/18/22/20/18/22 (2′ each).  It was good sweaty exercise.

2015-03-17 07.03.41

While I was rowing I saw them working on the WOD which was 8 rounds of 30 seconds on the rower shooting for max calories, then 30 seconds of box jumps with 30 second rests for 8 rounds.  I didn’t see what they were pulling, but I did one 30 second rep just to try it out.  I managed 19 calories in 30 seconds, which is about a 1:25 split.

Tomorrow:  I’m due for an interval session.  I’m thinking 5×1500 at a sedate 1:50 to keep things ticking over.  I may back off since I will be fresh off the red eye.

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