6K Threshold – Season Best Time

I think I did the right thing by backing off the power in yesterday’s session. I think I will do that in future sessions if my readings are weird.

I started today with the normal 20′ constant power piece as a warmup.  Power was 191W, HR was delightfully low and final lactate reading was fantastic 1.3mmol/l.  I think there is still a difference in effort between slides and static.


Workout Summary – Mar 28, 2015
–_|_04905_|_20:00.0_|_02:02.3_|_191.2_|_19.0_|_133.4_|_ 63.4% _|_12.9_|_10.1
Workout Details

01_|_01225_|_05:00.0_|_02:02.4_|_190.7_|_19.2_|_123.2_|_ 56.2% _|_12.8_|_09.9
02_|_01228_|_05:00.0_|_02:02.2_|_191.9_|_19.0_|_134.6_|_ 64.2% _|_12.9_|_10.1
03_|_01226_|_05:00.0_|_02:02.4_|_191.0_|_19.0_|_137.7_|_ 66.5% _|_12.9_|_10.1
04_|_01226_|_05:00.0_|_02:02.3_|_191.1_|_18.8_|_138.2_|_ 66.8% _|_13.0_|_10.2

I rested for a few minutes and a had a drink of water.  Then I set up for 6K and took off.  My objectives were:

1.  Pace: faster than 1:50

2. Rate 27 or higher

I didn’t think I was gonna make it about two thirds of the way through because my HR was just so high, but I focused on trying to keep the stroke rate at or above 27 and kept counting strokes. I was kinda in the zone, deep in the hurt locker, but able to keep it up. I was so scared that I was gonna blow up that I waited until I had less than 200m left before I rated up for the finish, even that was pretty anemic.

2015-03-28_15-52-35 2015-03-28_15-52-17


Workout Summary – Mar 28, 2015
–_|_06000_|_21:36.3_|_01:48.0_|_277.6_|_26.7_|_170.6_|_ 89.8% _|_10.4_|_10.4
Workout Details
01_|_00500_|_01:48.5_|_01:48.5_|_273.9_|_25.4_|_137.8_|_ 66.5% _|_10.9_|_10.8
02_|_00500_|_01:48.6_|_01:48.6_|_273.3_|_26.5_|_156.8_|_ 80.0% _|_10.4_|_10.3
03_|_00500_|_01:47.5_|_01:47.5_|_281.8_|_26.8_|_164.5_|_ 85.5% _|_10.4_|_10.5
04_|_00500_|_01:48.2_|_01:48.2_|_275.9_|_26.6_|_168.1_|_ 88.0% _|_10.4_|_10.4
05_|_00500_|_01:47.9_|_01:47.9_|_279.0_|_26.7_|_171.0_|_ 90.0% _|_10.4_|_10.4
06_|_00500_|_01:47.2_|_01:47.2_|_283.8_|_26.9_|_172.8_|_ 91.4% _|_10.4_|_10.6
07_|_00500_|_01:47.7_|_01:47.7_|_279.9_|_26.7_|_175.0_|_ 92.9% _|_10.4_|_10.5
08_|_00500_|_01:48.0_|_01:48.0_|_277.6_|_26.7_|_176.6_|_ 94.0% _|_10.4_|_10.4
09_|_00500_|_01:48.3_|_01:48.3_|_275.9_|_26.6_|_178.4_|_ 95.3% _|_10.4_|_10.4
10_|_00500_|_01:49.2_|_01:49.2_|_268.9_|_26.4_|_179.5_|_ 96.1% _|_10.4_|_10.2
11_|_00500_|_01:48.6_|_01:48.6_|_273.3_|_27.6_|_181.3_|_ 97.4% _|_10.0_|_09.9
12_|_00500_|_01:46.6_|_01:46.6_|_288.8_|_27.6_|_183.5_|_ 98.9% _|_10.2_|_10.5

After that, I did a quick 2K cool down and called it a day.


Workout Summary – Mar 28, 2015
–_|_02000_|_08:28.1_|_02:07.0_|_170.7_|_17.2_|_155.5_|_ 79.1% _|_13.7_|_09.9
Workout Details
01_|_00500_|_01:59.7_|_01:59.7_|_204.1_|_19.5_|_148.5_|_ 74.1% _|_12.8_|_10.4
02_|_00500_|_02:04.7_|_02:04.7_|_180.6_|_17.8_|_160.9_|_ 82.9% _|_13.5_|_10.1
03_|_00500_|_02:09.7_|_02:09.7_|_160.4_|_16.2_|_159.0_|_ 81.6% _|_14.3_|_09.9
04_|_00500_|_02:14.1_|_02:14.1_|_145.3_|_15.7_|_153.9_|_ 78.0% _|_14.3_|_09.3

Seeing as how I finished the mud season madness challenge today, I think I might take a rest day tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “6K Threshold – Season Best Time

  1. wjschmidt2 says:


    Your current routine is outstanding. Long rows at easy or moderate efforts and hard stuff a few times a week. Basic. Hard and Easy days. And time tested to work. The more consistency the better. Some days are better than others not sure how to know when a bad day will show up? Lactate and HR measurements could be a possible route. I’ll stick with my gut feeling. 🙂 Nice 6k!



    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Hi bill, I think that lactate and hr are really just learning tools. I tend to push easy days too hard and having a way to keep myself in check is really important. If I were more patient or trusted my perceptions better, I wouldn’t need or want the toys.

      Liked by 1 person

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